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We have now partnered with a finance company called close brothers which has give us the ability to offer our UK retail customers 0% Finance spread out 6, 9 And 12 months with leaving as little as 10% deposit. If you are thinking of the Finance option please feel free to give us a call or email with any questions you may have. Applications can be done in store and over the phone all we need to do is get you to fill out a couple details and an answer will be given within as little as 5-10 Seconds. Minimum order £300.00+.

When do Repayments begin?
All monthly payments are paid by direct debit from the applicant's bank account. Typically the 1st payment will be due on or around one month after the date of the finance agreement being put in place and all subsequent monthly payments will be due every month for the length of your term on that same day every month.

Who are Close Brothers Retail Finance?
Close Brothers Retail Finance are a UK specialist Retail Point of Sale finance provider. Otter Watersports chose Close Brothers Retail Finance due to their ease of use, speedy process and their incredible experience. If you’re successful with your application, you will enter into a Credit Agreement with Close Brothers Retail Finance. Close Brothers Retail Finance is a trading name of Close Brothers Limited.

Why was my application declined?
Applications can be declined for a whole host of reasons. Unfortunately, we are not given the reason why a customer is declined for a credit application. The authorization process is carried out by the Close Brother Retail Finance and Otter Watersports has no part in the decision. The decline message is sent to you by the Close Brother Retail Finance, with no justification or explanation. If you wish to find out more please contact the Close Brother Retail Finance directly. Their details can be found in the email you received from Close Brother Retail Finance confirming the lending decision.