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Dariusz Wilamowski launched the project 335, in which he will attempt to break the world record diving depths by diving solo to 335mtrs.  The current official world record is 318, 25 meters, which reached Nuno Gomes. According to some, the record belongs to Pascal Bernabe and is 331 meters, but this has not been officially confirmed.
Dariusz Wilamowski diving since 1990 and is qualified with several organizations including:
TDI Extended Range and
Trimix PSAI Explorer.
  See Dariusz webpages here for the latest updates

His passion is diving, attracted to challenges, unknown places, large depths, wrecks and extreme conditions. More than one hundred times defeated depth of 100 meters. So far, Dariusz Wilamowski beat Polish records in diving depths reaching 245 meters in 2009 and 264 meters in 2010. Both of these records were accomplished in the Italian Lake Garda.

The main objective of the project is to beat the world record in the depth of the dive. In addition, the project aims at the implementation of the deepest diving in water temperatures below 8 degrees, breathing test machines in extreme conditions, tests in  computers dry suits diving at depths below 300 meters, the promotion of the equipment used during these dives and the promotion of products of companies sponsoring the project.

The project will be implemented in three places: in Dahab, Egypt, in the lake Attersse in Austria and Lake Garda in Italy.

John Womack Snr joined Dariuz in Egypt in 2011 for the first stage of preparation, prior to diving in Austria and Italy.