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Britannic Expedition 1997 - The Britannic, the sister ship of the ill-fated Titanic now lies on her side in 120 meters of water in the Kea Channel in the Aegean. Launched on the 26th February 1914 to run service between Southampton and New York, she was requisitioned by the admiralty on November 13th 1915. Commissioned as a WWI Hospital Ship, it was November 21st 1916 when she met her end. Shortly after 08:00 she was hit by a torpedo, and began to sink.

Discovered in 1976 by Jacques Cousteau, the 1997 Britannic Expedition was led by Kevin Gurr. This trip, an attempt to understand why she sank, used the latest in technological advances. All the team wore the Otter Technical SuperSkin and Otter Undersuits, which worked perfectly in tough conditions. Otter Watersports are proud sponsors of the HMS Britannic 1997 Expedition.

This was the first time human divers had been down to the Britannic wreck at 100m.
The success of the Britannic Expedition 1997 led to the development of the top membrane diving suit in the world, the Otter Britannic Superskin. Designed for today's world of deep technical diving, this suit is at home at any depth. Suitable for both technical divers and keen wreck divers alike.

Britannic Expedition 2003 - As you may be aware the Britannic has been off limits to recreational divers, however Expedition Leader Carl Spencer had been working on a documentary for National Geographic US and Carlton and got special dispensation for the Expedition as a media project and forensic analysis. John Snr joined the Britannic Expedition 2003. The team had a lot of politics to deal with within the various Greek Ministries which cost them a few days diving, but overall the expedition was a big success.

The wreck itself is visually stunning, in ambient light and everything is so easily recognizable making navigation into the wreck really easy, it's the ultimate for free swimming divers. They were pulling between 30-48 minute bottom times on the Inspirations for no more than 6½ hour total run times. There is still tons to do on the wreck, I think you could spend years on it and still not be satisfied

With the success of the Britannic Expedition 2003 we have developed the NEW TELESCOPIC BRITANNIC, which is ideal for Clubs, Dive Schools, Expeditions and Trips as it has the option to fit many, many people, thus making it more versatile and usable for this situation

Britannic Expedition 2012 - How lucky am I? This is my third visit to the Britannic, this time being invited along by Alexander Sotiriou from Sotiriou Dive Centre in Greece and was an original
member of the 1997 Expedition.

The Project Britannic 2012 is a combined scientific study licensed by the Greek Ministry of Culture for the period May 15—June 15, 2012.
The goals of the study are :
- Evaluation of the condition of the wreck
- Estimation of the effects of the wreck on the surrounding environment and organisms

The methods utilized to accomplish the above goals are :
- Digital photography and video of certain parts of the wreck already depicted in the past and comparative study
- Medium term in situ automatic water sampling for further analysis
- Selected spot manual sea bottom sampling for further analysis
- Selected spot marine organisms sampling for further analysis

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