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Si Tech Quick Clamp Dry Cuff & Gloves Combo set - 60940 To Attach to Existing Latex Seals
Si Tech Quick Dry Gloves Combo set 60940

Quick Glove is the original of the SITECH range of Dry Glove Systems. A user friendly and versatile squeeze-on system. On by squeezing, Off by turning the release ring with one hand. This is a complete DIY dry glove system. This quick fit dry system only needs the 2 rings supplied attaching to your existing latex seal, The quick glove slides easily into this. You can have warm dry hands in 1/2 hour. The Quick Cuff set includes: Wrist Seal Ring and Stiff Ring. Blue Gloves & thermal inner gloves /+ attaching system for gloves.

Otter Price: £98.40 (82.00 exc VAT)


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Do It Yourself Quick Cuff System