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SI-Tech Glove Lock QCP System 60520
SI TECH Complete Glove System

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Glove Lock QCP dry glove system for all dry suit divers, User friendly, Self supported and Accommodating all hands. This system will take a Larger Hand Than The Std Quick fit Si tech system. Easy To Fit Your Self. The Glove Lock QCP can of course be fitted direct onto latex seals. A complete set with all you need to get a dry glove system on your suit directly. Contents: 2 x Glove Lock Ring Systems 4 x Green Spanner Rings 4 x Blue Spanner Rings 2 x Yellow Spanner Rings 1 x SI TECH Glove Lube 2 x Spare O-Rings 2 x Pressure Equalization Tube. Otter unlined blue gloves with thermal liner gloves included. Price with no gloves £77.00.

Otter Price: £104.50 (87.08 exc VAT)


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Otter Unlined Blue Gloves
Otter Price: £17.50 (14.58 exc VAT)

Otter Unlined Blue Dry Gloves