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Kubi Dry Glove System - Complete Set Fitted
Kubi Dry Glove System

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The Kubi dry gloves system is renowned as being ultra reliable, this is down to its alloy construction and precision engineering, it couples simplicity with durability. An excellent system that when factory fitted to your drysuit gives you not only the option of pushing on drygloves but also using silicon or latex wrist seals that can be changed in seconds at the dive site without tools should you break or puncture one.The system comes in different sizes to fit different hand sizes.

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Winter and cold

When diving we are often faced with the problem of the winter cold. The human body is not capable of withstanding long-term hypothermia. In addition to direct threats to the health or life, the winter cold and significantly affects the divers psyche. Linked to this inability to correctly assess the situation, control technology and of course draft accompanied by a cold.


Before the cold hands are a very good solution to dry diving gloves. This is not possible to connect only to the dry suit. Obtained by dry heat and the feeling especially in the fingers as they may not be the thickness of a few millimeters as in the case of wet neoprene. A very effective solution is that the different liners can be hot to regulate the heat on the hands by water temperature. The hands, but keeps heat insulating gas, which will flow from the dry suit at the wrists through the communicator. Warm pad serves to maintain the volume of gas and mechanical separation of the body (in this case the hand) from the cold water.

Dry Kubi Gloves

Durable aluminium rings are unlike plastic ones, extremely strong and light. They are fully resistant to hot and cold conditions. They allow a water tight connection between the gloves and the dry suit. The gloves maintain thermal comfort in diving to a better sensitivity in the fingers and hands when handling objects under water. Ideal for use with cameras and videos, to work with above and below. Compared to neoprene it is approximately 10 times thinner and has sufficient strength. The design allows for the deployment of any sleeves (neprene, latex or rubber) and any material glove (plastic, rubber etc) and thickness up to 1.5mm.

Main Advantages

Easy to assemble - can be done at home!! - no plastic parts - Easy to use - resistant in salt water - strong material - no moving parts - any thickness of glove or cuff - use with latex, rubber or neoprene - only a mounting groove for minimum stress on cuff.

How to measure your glove and ring size

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