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Weezle Extreme Plus Commercial - One Piece
Weezle Extreme Plus Commercial - One Piece


We have listened to our customers and now have the Weezle Commercial, designed especially for the working diver.

Otter RRP: £225.00 (£187.50 exc VAT)
Otter Price: £225.00 (187.50 exc VAT)



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Weezle have included a heavy duty zip, to withstand washing on the rig and higher stitch per inch (8, overlocked) than most other suits to increase its working life. Our suits have the reputation of lasting 3 x longer then the average undersuit. The Commercial has minimal seams & no quilting to allow freer movement of gas or hot water around the suit and in action the Weezle avoids cold spots too. We have added side leg splits with Velcro fastening to allow easy access and to ease wearing work boots for deck work. The suit has a hydrophobic layer which also helps the suit to retain heat, even when wet and dries fast to help keep the wearer warm during and after the dive. The suit also drops water fast so worn in the bell post dive; it is warmer and more comfortable than fleece or thinsulate. We also added the long body version of most sizes to make extended wear more comfortable. It also comes in the Weezle compression sack for packing to travel, taking up minimal space.

For saturation, warm water flush use, the suit of choice is the Compact

Suit, our thinnest weight but for open or closed circuit, we can also offer the Weezle Commercial in Extreme or Extreme plus weight, according to your requirement.


Extra Small, Small, Small Long, Medium, Medium Long, Large, Large Long, Extra Large, Extra Large Long, Ex Extra Large.

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