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PVC Repair Adhesive 90gm Tube

Otter Price: £13.00 (10.83 exc VAT)


PVC Glue comes in a 90 gram tube. I know it says PVC on the tube but this works really well on the PU SiTech cuff rings, NeckTite rings and valve patches. This is because it is a combination glue made from with solvents which will help weld PVC together AND it also contains a very strong and flexible polyurethane adhesive.
After buffing (roughening with sandpaper) the valve patch/PU cuff rings coat the plastic and suit with glue and press together when still wet. Keep clamped together for 24 hours for maximum bond strength.

When using as a PVC adhesive Make sure any patch you use externally, has rounded corners, or the corners may peel upwards as the glue dries.
Also great for trailer curtains, inflatable boats, footwear like trainers, waders, boots etc. and many other items made from PVC or many other waterproof and airtight materials too.

Due to shipping restrictions we can not send this item to locations outside the UK.

Tool for Neck Tite System Heavy Duty Latex Cone Neckseal Warm Collar
Otter Price: £12.00 (10.00 exc VAT)

Otter Price: £17.30 (14.42 exc VAT)

Otter Price: £29.20 (24.33 exc VAT)

Heavy Duty Latex Cone Neckseal Warm Collar