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Si-Tech Glued Quick Cuff & Gloves - Complete System 60910 + 60230
Si-Tech Glued Quick Cuff & Gloves - Complete System  60910 + 60230

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Si-Tech Glued Gloves - Complete System

This is a great idea for anyone wanting a detachable cuff ring system all year round, In winter you can convert to a Dry Glove System to keep your hands snug, warm and dry, whilst retaining movement in your fingers and wrist.

Comes as standard with Silicone Seals.

Otter Price: £120.00 (100.00 exc VAT)


Gloves Size:

Seals for Dry Cuffs:


Get the Si-Tech Quick Cuff Ring System fitted on your Dry Suit. 60915 . This will be a permanent feature on your Dry Suit and can be used as they are so you have detachable wrist seals which you can change at anytime/anywhere or you can buy the Si-Tech Dry Glove System 60230 for lovely toasty warm hands when diving in winter or colder waters.

Step 1

Bring your Dry Suit into Otter and ask us to
fit the Cuff Ring Systems

You Get:60915
Si-Tech Cuff
Rings, Stiff Rings
& Latex Seals x 2
Silicone Seals +£10.00

Step 2

Buy the Si-Tech Glove with Ring System

You Get:60230
Si-Tech Dry Gloves
with Stiff Rings
and Quick Clamps
x 2

Buy Steps 1 and 2 together