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Si-Tech Blue Dry Gloves with Fixed Liners
Spare Blue Dry Gloves Fixed Liners


Fine, PVC-coated seamless attached cotton liner. Fixed acrylic lining. Special treatment against hydrocarbons. PVC-coated cotton liner, acrylic lining. These waterproof gloves are equipped with a soft, warm, ultra-comfortable lining, Each model is manufactured according to a patented total PVC coating process and maintains its suppleness down to –20oC. The material is resistant to most noxious substances. The rough finish that covers t be gripped securely and increased the glove’s abrasion resistance. The coating is reinforced (1.5 mm thick) and supplemented by a treatment against hydrocarbon in order to offer level 5 oil resistance. Can be washed at 40°C using a neutral detergent.

Otter Price: £35.00 (29.17 exc VAT)


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Otter Unlined Blue Gloves SI-Tech Glove Lock QCP System 60520
Otter Price: £17.50 (14.58 exc VAT)

Otter Price: £104.50 (87.08 exc VAT)

Otter Unlined Blue Dry Gloves SI TECH Complete Glove System