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Custom Divers Heewe Pee Valve
Custom Divers Heewe Pee Valve


The Custom Divers HeWee Go male urination system has proved to be a comfortable and reliable device and is currently being used by countless divers worldwide. Divers and snorkelers are all susceptible to dehydration and this is an enormous problem predominantly among dry suit divers. Failure to properly hydrate is a key contributing factor in most decompression incidents as people do not hydrate sufficiently because of the consequent need to urinate. Rehydration plays a vital role in the treatment of decompression illness. The HeWee Go is the perfect solution for urination with ease, comfort and reliability. Following the success of the HeWee Go male urination system for divers, we have been approached by other industries looking for a similar solution for applications in many different sports, work environments and also for people with disability. So we have taken our experience from diving and have expanded the HeWee Go system to work equally as well for other activities and in diverse situations

Otter Price: £88.99 (74.16 exc VAT)